Type 23 Duke Class Reference Photos

A couple of years ago I attended Navy Days 2008 in Portsmouth, it was blisteringly hot for the 3 day event, and my girlfriend deserved a medal for putting up with me whilst I took over 200 reference photos of the various ships there, more so because she suffered from the worst sun burn I’ve ever seen! If there is one thing that is annoying when making models of naval vessels, its gathering reference photos. I was lucky enough to see the ship I served on, the HMS Westminster (seen above), however I was unable to go aboard as she was closed off to the public during the event.  If you decide to host these photos anywhere else, please include credits to me for them. Apologies for those who prefer my Trek orientated posts! 🙂

There are over 50 images in this post, so 56k modem users beware!

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Enterprise-J Case Study

For a while now many people have speculated about the brief appearance of the USS Enterprise-J from the Enterprise episode ‘Azati Prime’, it was part of a joint task force of ships in the 26th century that took on the sphere builders at the ‘Battle of Procyon V’. I have tried to gather screenshots of the ship, as well as information from the ships designer, Doug Drexler, from his blog (link available of the right in the links tab). The Enterprise-J images are from Doug Drexler’s blog as well. From this I have tried to compile a side view of the ship, as well as created stockpile of all the information available on this ship.

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The Grey Lady

The other Grey Lady

After looking though my 3D models it occured to me that I no longer had a model of the original Constitution class, something no self respecting Trek fan that does 3D should be guilty of! So I starting making my own this weekend. So far I’ve just got the base shapes made, also made a few rough textures, I’m looking at giving it a slight Constituition refit style to its textures. I always prefered the NCC-1701-A, hence why I chose to make my model the USS Yorktown 😛

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Star Trek Online: Itemisation Idea

This is basically a rought draft of some ideas I’ve had for Star Trek Onlines itemisation system. My goal is to make a system where players have a set progression in the game with their gear, one that you can’t skip stages easily either, as well as incorporate the games crafting system so that is more useful as well as encourage players to interact more with each other. I will try to revise this post as I refine the ideas in it.

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New Star Trek Online Klingon ships

Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of activity on the blog lately, rest assured, I have been eagerly working on revisions to my Star Trek Online Ship and Star Charts, as well as a few non Trek related projects. During my research on the STO test server for my charts I decided to take screenshots of the new ships been added in the next major content patch for those that would like to see them 🙂

Basically, there is 1 new ship per Tier 5 ship, 1 new Tier 1 Bird of Prey and 1 new Tier 2 Crusier. Enjoy 🙂

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STO Galaxy Map

 Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for Star Trek Online, a Galactic Map for when you are lost! It is still a work in progress, as such some information might not be entirely correct, there may also be some typo’s as well.

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STO Enters Open Beta

Star Trek Online entered open beta this week, finally allowing the NDA that has been covering it to be lifted. So far it has been a hugely enjoyable experiance which really makes you feel like you are in the Trek universe. As you can see from the image above and below, many familiar locations and engagements are in the game 🙂

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Enterprise Comparison Chart (Happy New Year)

Happy New Year everyone! Apologies for the lack of updates lately, I have been in England over Christmas with the family. 🙂

As per a request in the Star Trek Online beta channels I’ve created a wallpaper image of all the Enterprise incarnations, I’ve created it in widescreen and normal resolutuons. And yes, I still have the JJPrise at 366m 🙂

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The Ships of Star Trek (2009)

A few days ago I my new ‘Star Trek:The Art of the Film’ book arrived in the post, I was overjoyed with the amazing artwork in there, even more so at the referance imagery for the ships from the new movie, so I decided to get to work recreating profiles for the ships from the film with the new material available. I’ve started with the USS Kelvin, I’m having issues with how to scale it though, since all evidence on screen points towards a small ship, it seems apparent the Enterprise was rescaled after the Kelvin scenes were made, which makes the other Starfleet ships really hard to scale to a large Enterprise, since they are all Kelvin Kitbashes pretty much. Which is actually quite annoying, as I was thinking of putting the Enterprise at her official scale, but that doesn’t work with the other ships. It really is a shame they rescaled the ships after production had commenced!

I’ll add the other ships over the coming days as I create them, I had to place my Enterprise in this post for obvious reasons!

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Science ship revisited

It’s been a few weeks since I did any 3d work, so I decided to fire up 3dsmax and get back to work on the Science ship concept John Eaves did for PE’s Star Trek Online. I only altered a few minor details, I still need to add the hull detailing to the saucer (if you can call it that!) as well as sort out the textures, since they arn’t properly set to the model yet. I’ll probably rework the shuttle bay area since the markings don’t really flow that well.

Here is the MSD created by Padsbrat (Bmusded55), you can find more great work at his website:- http://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/

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