Education Update

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog. I’ve been insanely busy with my new education and havn’t really had muchtime for personal projects. However, I have been having a blast! I’ve been learning so much and can’t describe how awesome it feels to do ahobby asan education! So, here are some of the projects I’ve been working on at school this month ūüôā

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The Invaders

I’m just about to pack up my computer ready for the move, but thought I’d just post this little model I made after seeing a referance to ‘The Invaders’ on Doug Drexlers wall on Facebook. The UFO model for the show was actually made by ‘Production Models Shop’ who were the same guys that made the USS Enterprise for the original Star Trek series. I used to watch this show when I was a kid, so it was quite fun making this iconic UFO in 3D!

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Galactica Corridor (WiP)

So, I’ve decided to try something non-Trek for a change. I’ve always been a fan of Battlestar Galactica, when I say that I mean wayback since the original with Dirk Benedict, not since the reboot appeared! I was extremely skeptical of the new show when I first heard Starbuck¬†was¬†going to be cast as a women, so I held off from seeing the miniseries when it came out. But boy when I saw that first episode both myself and my girlfriend were blown away and hooked!

So, I decided to take a crack at modeling one of the Galactica’s hallways, I’ve always liked the mood of the hallways in the series, so my hope is to get something atmospheric at the end of this. For now I’m just modeling the main¬†components¬†and putting in the base lighting. ¬†I still have several props to add, such as telephones, labels and door hinges! I’m not sure if I want to keep the corridor clean or add containers around it yet, but I’m pretty happy with how its coming together so far.

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A little weekend cartoon

I was reading the news this week about the Arizona¬†immigration¬†laws, since I myself live in a¬†foreign¬†country compared to where I was born, ¬†allot¬†of the arguments on both sides have seemed pretty relevant to me. However one thing that really strikes me about the whole debate is the ‘letting foreigners into our country’ attitude. I couldn’t help but chuckle inside, hence the little Cartoon ūüôā

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Suricata’s Artwork Blog….on Facebook

Hey everyone, things are really getting busy right now. I have 1 week left at work, then 1 weeks holiday before starting school, then the week after that I’m moving house. So as you can all imagine, my time for artwork is going to be a bit lackluster this month. However, I am starting a fresh push on promoting this blog and as such I have created a¬†Facebook¬†page for the blog so that it is easier to see when updates have been made. You can find the¬†Facebook¬†page at the following link:-

Suricata’s Artwork Blog on Facebook

I am working on a few little projects right now,¬†including¬†updates from both the Ship chart and star chart fro star Trek online to take into account the changes from Season 2. I’m also working on a few political satire cartoons, which is a new area for me, but something I’m finding quite fun. I’ll try and get some updates made over the weekend.

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Whilst looking though my Twitter feeds I noticed a tweet from Bernd:-

On this day ten years ago I moved EAS from the university server to my own webspace with the new domain name

I have been using Ex Astris Scientia for many years, it is probably one of the most valuable Trek resources on the Internet after Memory Alpha (before Memory Alpha became a wiki, it was probably the top one). The site has posted numerous articles over the year and many of these have not been without controversy, but nether the less, they have always resulted in great heated debates which everyone in the trek community is used too!

So, on that note I’d like to thank Bernd for all his work on providing one of the best Trek resources on the internet for the last 10 years, as well as thank everyone who has helped out on that site (too many names to mention).

Heres to another 10 years! ūüôā

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Galaxy Class Systems and Going Back to School

Well, it’s been quite a hectic month since I last posted here. I’ve been spending quite allot of time working on the Earth and Beyond Emulator, which is coming along very nicely. It really does capture much of the feeling the game had when it was live.

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Earth and Beyond Emulator

Many years ago I used to play a game called ‘Earth and Beyond’, it was created by Westwood studios and published by EA games. Sadly it got shut down, which was a great shame as the game was really ahead of its time. the basic fundamental¬†gameplay of the game was rock solid and to be honest, a relaunch of the game with more modern MMO features could be¬†hugely successful, but anyway, I digress!

Whilst going though my old computer archives I stumbled upon some models of the Terran Scout I made whilst I was working on the emulator for the game. I started thinking about how the emulator was coming along and pondered giving it a try, more so since I have become incredibly bored with Star Trek Online. That very same day I received an email from an old friend I used to play alongside in the game, I took it as fate and reinstalled the game and I have to say I was not disappointed!

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Hollow Saucer Ship Concept

I’ve always been inspired by John Eaves concept art for Star Trek and the first time I saw his hollow saucer concepts I was really intrigued. So, I thought what better test of this artpad¬†I’ve borrowed than to have a go at drawing a ship concept. It’s pretty rough and ready, but it does look like its been drawn on paper I suppose! I was considering painting the ship as an oil painting instead, which you maybe able to tell by the shading.

As for the ship itself, I wanted to go for something in the light-medium cruiser size, I also wanted to break the smooth lines a little bit that a lot of Trek ships have, hence the more heavy detailing around the warp core area. I’m pretty happy with the basic shapes, I’ll probably expand upon and clean up the design at a later date, would love to hear peoples opinions on it.

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Art Pad Doodles

I’ve been pondering buying an Art pad recently, so I can be a little bit more creative with my digital artwork, mainly because¬† I have a very technical style, which although I’m happy with, I like to stray away from at times, so I borrowed my girlfriends sisters for the weekend to test it out. I’ll post what I come up with over the weekend, so far I’m finding it really nice to use, I’m looking forward to working on some digital paintings ūüôā

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