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Welcome to my Blog page. I have created this site so I can share my graphics hobby with the online community.

So, who am I? Well, I was originally born in England and at the age of 4, my parents introduced me to Star Trek, I was immediatly hooked and my parents still regret sitting me infront of the TV on that fateful day!  I orignally did all of my artwork freehand, including masses upon masses of ships from Star Trek, Star Wars as well as WWII Naval vessels.

When Pixar first came out with thier infamous Lamp animation my friend showed me 3dsmax, we immediatly paired up and learnt 3dsmax on the fly, mainly because there was no other way of learning it. I studied AutoCAD at collage, completing the 2 year course in 2 weeks, all those years playing around in 3dsmax really helped! So I spent 2 years showing my teachers how to to 3d drafting in AutoCAD.

When I left collage I joined the Royal Navy, my intent was to work with weapons, however, due to my mechanical Engineering test scores I was transfered to become a Mechanical Engineering Technician (I had no choice in the matter, this was the military afterall!). After a couple of years I started getting itchy feet, I think been made to work in a department where my heart didn’t lie was a big part of this. I spent the next year basically chilling out, I eventually moved to Ibiza in Spain where I met some ‘very’ nice Danish women, this resulted in me moving to Denmark, where I still live today with my Half Danish, Half Kiwi girlfriend.

I tried a few times to get into the graphics industry, but had alot of issues finding jobs that would pay what they should, it’s amazing how many people expect graphics work for free! I did a little bit of architectural work, but nothing substantial. So my graphics have always remained a hobby, which is something I would like to change now, afterall, it makes sence to have a job doing the thing you love afterall 🙂

I can be contacted on the following email’s  Timdavies79@hotmail.com & Suricata@gmail.com

Tim ‘Suricata’ Davies

8 Responses to About Me

  1. James Hall says:

    Hi,Im K’Temoc rank 10 of RoK(Return of Kahless)a STO based fleet made up of players that have played many Star Trek games together for many years,among other games.Have a quick question for you.I would like to use a Klingon LCARS system to rework our website with,do you know of anywhere that has one?If not would you be interested in creating one?You can reach me at kol_sj@msn.com.Thanks for any help you can give regarding this matter and Q’Apla!

  2. Donna Burke says:

    We think about you all the time and miss you much!
    your friend Aanya
    Jenquai Org. ene emulator

  3. Lynne W says:

    Do you have a donations page/link/… ? Your galactic and ship charts have been very helpful to me and I’d like to return a little of the favor. Or, do you sell them someplace?

    • Suricata says:

      I’ve been very wary about having a donations page, since alot of the artwork I do is for copyrighted and trademarked TV shows, thus I really don’t want CBS sending me an angry email! I have contacted Cryptic regarding selling the ship and star charts, however, I can’t unless I get permission off CBS, since they hold the Star Trek licence.

  4. Kross10c says:

    The Galaxy map is a major help. Every time a newbie asks where a system is I point them to your chart. Thanks for making the traveling in the STO so much easier.

  5. ER says:

    Hey Tim,
    Long time ago, what have you been up too.

    • Suricata says:

      Hi Ednan,

      It has indeed been a long time! I’m studying multimedia design now at KEA, left RAE Systems last summer, was definatly a good decision! How are things with you? Life is going well here 🙂

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