Delorean 2011 Concept

For the last few weeks now I’ve been working on a hypothetical relaunch project of the Delorean DMC-12. During the process I came up with a concept of how a relaunched Delorean could look (similar to the remodels of other classics like the Ford Mustang). After weeks of market analysis and user testing we realised that The Delorean is just too big of a cult classic to change the design, so we decided to go with a relaunch similar to the Vespa scooter, where the exterior remains pretty much the same, but the performance and internal equipment is updated.

I thought I’d post the concept here so it wouldn’t get lost amongst all the other drawings I have cluttering up my hard drive! 🙂

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6 Responses to Delorean 2011 Concept

  1. evil_genius_180 says:

    I saw on Yahoo a while back where they’re thinking of relaunching the DeLorean. Boy, I bet DeLorean himself would love this, though I’m sure he’d have preferred if the cars had sold better in the first place, instead of forcing the company to file for bankruptcy. But, it’s cool that they’re making a comeback. I used to want one, ever since I first saw Back to the Future. Also, I saw one or two on the road as a kid, they always made me drool. 😀

    • evil_genius_180 says:

      Forgot to add: nice concept drawing. I like the updated look with a lot of the classic style still there.

  2. Aaron P Carter says:

    Nice work first off!

    I do have a critique from the point of view of someone who owned a Delorean for quite some time.

    This design has a lot more in common with the Dodge Challenger and the Camaro than with the DMC-12, with the exception of the insert windows. Having the extended rear fender takes away from the core massing of the design since it was a rear engine with a fast-back.

    The other thing is the curvy nature of the design versus the angular actuality of the car. The car wasn’t just designed to be angular because of the contemporary design aesthetic, it was a function of the limitation of what you can do with stainless steel. If you look at the real car you’ll notice that it has almost no curves with the exception of the fenders (which themselves are also actually angular in a way). When I got into an actual fender bender in it, the only option was to replace the fender because its impossible to fix the dent without remolding the whole part from molten metal. Design wise this can be seen in the changes to the hood over the 3 years of production, they originally had two sweeping lines and a flap for the fuel tank, but they went to a solid flat design in mid production because too many hoods were cracking from being too brittle to press like you would softer metals.

    You kinda have to go back to what Delorean was trying to do when he designed the car in the first place. It was supposed to be a competitor to the Lotus Esprit, at least design wise, which is why he hired an Italian designer to give it a sporty European look. The idea was to have a car that looked closer to a Ferrari or Lotus, but that was affordable to the everyday person (even though it was really pricey by 80’s standards).

    again, great work. just wanted to give you some food for thought when you continue working with the design.

    • Suricata says:

      Good analysis, I pretty much aggree with you. This concept was done to look into other options. It’s been a really fun project to work on, more so because I love the Delorean so much, so researching it for the last monthhas been great. I also had contact with Tesla who make the Roadster (Electric sports car) and have learnt so much about the electricsports car market.

      I’d say the most interesting fact I learnt, which even alot of Delorean fans don’t know, is that the Delorean was only produced for 2 years (1981-1982). The 1983 models were made in 1982 but were given VIN’s dated 1983 (VIN’s 15XXX-16XXX. Which obviously makes sence when you think Delorean went bankrupt in December 1982.

      For the redesign, we were going to have the new Delorean (DMC12E) made from carbon-fibre and then given a custom paint job to simulate a stainless steel finish. This was decided after consulatation with Tesla about the the performance issues that may be generated by wieght of teh stainless steel body on an electric car.

      You can see the prototype website at the following link:-

      Bare in mind this is a concept site and the template is not finalised, especially on the content pages, which are to wide for comfortable ready (The header image will be moved to the left of the page on the content pages to alleviate this).

  3. CizikovNN says:

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