Site redesign

I’m currently redesigning the blogs layout and organising all the content to be abit easier to navigate. So please bare with me over the coming week as I tweak the site.

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3 Responses to Site redesign

  1. jMo says:

    White is good I guess… Easier to reed and feels more “official” even 😉

  2. Gideon says:

    I’m afraid I will not bare with you. For your own protection, I shall remain fully clothed.

    I will, however, bear with you. 🙂

  3. Suricata says:

    Looks like I have to pay to save changes to the CSS template for the site, so I’m probably going to make some extensive changes to the design to make it my own. This will probably take a few weeks as I have my studies to attend to, so thanks for bearing with me 🙂

    The goal is to give the blog a much more professional and official feel, as I’ll want to use this site as a platform for showcasing work so I can get hired for jobs once I finish my education, whilst still retaining the small community we have here (Impressively the blog still attracts around 400 unique hits a day during this quiet period while I’m not actively advertising it).

    Thank you everyone for supporting my work, I appriciate it! 🙂

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