HMS Westminster 3D model

As some people know, I used to serve in the Royal Navy as an engineer. During my time in the navy I served aboard the Type 23 frigate ‘HMS Westminster’ (The finest ship in the fleet I might add). Over the years I’ve made several attempts at modeling her in 3D, however, I was never able to achieve a standard to which I felt she deserved..until now!

The ship is still a work in progress and you can follow its progress on the Military-Mesh forums

You can also see a test render of the radars operating in the video below.


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1 Response to HMS Westminster 3D model

  1. darren clare says:

    Sir, that is stunning work, the type 23 is a cracking frigate. Will you be making this available at all? Reason I ask I’m making a 1/96th scale model n that would be really handy for working part dims out.

    Blog of my build here…

    Super work, regards Darren

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