User Testing of the Blog

Hi everyone, I’m currently doing a user test of this blog so I can refine its design. Currently the blog averages at 400 – 500 hits everyday and quite consistently, however, I would like to promote the site more and improves its usability. I am doing this redesign as part of a school project, so if people could please fill out the following questionnaire it would be very much appreciated, it should only take a couple of minutes.

Suggestions for improvements would be greatly appriciated!

Thanks in advance

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1 Response to User Testing of the Blog

  1. Suricata says:

    Thanks for all the responces so far everyone. It’s been quite interesting sifting though the results and seeing the various trends, there has also been some great suggestions as well.

    I’ll leave the questionnaire up for another couple of days before I tabulate the results this weekend.

    Thanks to everyone that has taken part so far! 🙂

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