USS Enterprise – NCC-1701-F

About a month ago a contest was announced to design the Enterprise-F. Sadly the contest was only open to residents of the United States, but I decided to doodle out a few ideas anyway. In the end I came up with the idea of a merging my Hurricane and Hikaru class designs. I always liked the idea of a more sleek and organic look to future starships as technology levels progressed, so I wanted the Enterprise-F to signify a leap forward in starship design. I’m pretty sure that this design would not look out of place in a fleet of Starfleet ships. Size wise she’s about  the length of the Soveriegn class. I was intending to make the ship in 3D and submit it to the contest, but since I can’t enter I thought I’d share my ideas here 🙂

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15 Responses to USS Enterprise – NCC-1701-F

  1. Test Monkey says:

    First off, she looks very sexy. I wish I had half the skill you had. The ship looks very awesome, but it doesn’t look federation like at all. It looks like the Delta Flyer had a baby with the Dauntless. It even looks a little Klingon. I sense a little big of Neg’vhar in that sexy beast too. It would prolly make a great Yacht or long range shuttle though. But I can’t shake the fact that it doesn’t look federation at all.

  2. Suricata says:

    Well the idea was to pull away slightly from established designs, a bit like how the Defiant was a break from what came before it. I’m pretty sure with Starfleet hull and engine colours, she’d actually fit in quite well. Although I admit its a design thats on the edge, so people will either like it or hate it 🙂

  3. Ogrebear says:

    Very nice design there.

    Different is what the Federation needs in its designs before everything turns into Flash Gordon looking flat spoons…

    do you know anyone in the US who could post this for you? I’d like to see it fly!

  4. padsbrat says:

    It’s nice, but I don’t think it’s flagship material.
    More guest starship of the week type material.
    I echo comments that it looks more alien than Starfleet.

    I also agree with your “break from the norm” idea a la Defiant, but the Enterprise is the flagship and as such must exude “Starfleet”.

  5. Suricata says:

    I’ve actually had a few ideas whilst reading the comments on another design direction I was thinking of, I’ll try and get it drawn up this week 🙂

  6. evil_genius_180 says:

    I disagree about it not looking Starfleet. It could be a Xindi-Aquatic influenced design: After all, the Xindi were supposed to be members of the Federation by then.

    I like it. I’m not sure it screams “Enterprise” to me but it’s different and different is good. Seeing it in 3D with the proper hull colors and whatnot would be helpful in gauging how it truly looks. The pencil sketch is nice but you’re never really sure until you see an actual model of something.

  7. oleum says:

    I like it very much, and great to see you are still around Suri.
    Hop back into STO sometime, not to mention AoA , we miss you mate.

  8. Really nice deign there if i was you id still create a 3d version anyways 😀

  9. Logan says:

    Well if you go back and look at the Voyager Episode Relativity i find that design to be really on par with what the Time ship looked like.

    i could easily see that series of Starship design being made common in the future, The Relativity itself looked completely different from any other star ship design that starfleet has had

  10. ivarST says:

    Like it VERY much.
    Much needed break to the current designs. Very akin to the Galaxy in its “flow”.
    I´m kinda disappointed that ALL other designs that came after totally abandoned that look. Makes the Galaxy seem like a foreign ship almost.

    This ship looks like it would plow through fluidic space like a shark. Though I must agree that it doesn´t resemble the iconic “Cruiser” class ships very much.

    It does indeed share more with the Defiant or even the Voyager designs. Or maybe this would be the necessary break in the “rut” of Enterprise designs.

  11. Zorena says:

    oh man give a pimped 3d version 😛 Love it and I dont belive all “enterprices” have to have sauser section with some pylon and two breadcrumb collectors at the side.

  12. Gideon says:

    I like your design, but I think it fits in with Cryptic’s Escort class more than a Cruiser.

    Still, it would be nice to see that design in STO.

  13. Very Impressive design. please continue to explore this design.

  14. Kevin says:

    I agree, before the Fleet turns into an armada of giant spoons with forks on the other end Starfleet might want to consider putting some character in it. I would suggest extending the “saucer” module part at the front of the ship and perhaps offset the warp necells some how … anyway its nice work.

  15. Christopher flowers says:

    If I made a movie about the Enterprise, this is the one.

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