November Update

It’s amazing how much time my education is taking up! I have very little free time to do my own artwork these days, I don’t think I’ve done anything even vaguely Trek related in 2-3 months now. However, I’m really happy with the skills I’m picking up on this education, especially in regards to web design and animation. The image above is a painting I did a few weeks back. I love the works of Mondrial, infact I’m very fond of most of the work that came out of the Bauhaus. Which can probably be seen in the style of my painting! I’m currently working on learning flash, as such I’ve started a small project for myself, bascially whilst looking on the British Royal Navy wiki entry I noticed that all the ships had very vague sillouettes. So I decided to make some simple side views of the ships, which I’ll put into a flash website showing the stats of all the ships in the British fleet (I want to do it sooner than later  whilst there are still ships in the navy due to all the defence cuts right now!). I might try and get the final ships put onto wikipedia as well , the images below are not finished yet 😉

I’ve also been learning php as well, you can see one of my test sites for coding forms and the like below:-

PHP Recipe Site

Hope everyone who follows my blog is doing well, I apologise for the huge slow down in posts these days. I will endeaver to get more of my work posted when my schedule calms down! 🙂

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1 Response to November Update

  1. andrew says:

    i like those ship models man

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