Galactica Corridor (WiP)

So, I’ve decided to try something non-Trek for a change. I’ve always been a fan of Battlestar Galactica, when I say that I mean wayback since the original with Dirk Benedict, not since the reboot appeared! I was extremely skeptical of the new show when I first heard Starbuck was going to be cast as a women, so I held off from seeing the miniseries when it came out. But boy when I saw that first episode both myself and my girlfriend were blown away and hooked!

So, I decided to take a crack at modeling one of the Galactica’s hallways, I’ve always liked the mood of the hallways in the series, so my hope is to get something atmospheric at the end of this. For now I’m just modeling the main components and putting in the base lighting.  I still have several props to add, such as telephones, labels and door hinges! I’m not sure if I want to keep the corridor clean or add containers around it yet, but I’m pretty happy with how its coming together so far.

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1 Response to Galactica Corridor (WiP)

  1. Dave 2Lan says:

    Beautiful work! Even in large it was hard to tell it wasn’t a real corridor. I’m a fan from way back. When I heard about the reboot it was in an article by someone who had read the pilot script and was complaining about Starbuck’s recasting as a woman, and how the show was darker and grittier and not for kids, etc.. I love it! Sounded exactly like the way I would have done it!

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