Ex-Astris-Scientia.org celebrates 10 years today

Whilst looking though my Twitter feeds I noticed a tweet from Bernd:-

On this day ten years ago I moved EAS from the university server to my own webspace with the new domain name ex-astris-scientia.org.

I have been using Ex Astris Scientia for many years, it is probably one of the most valuable Trek resources on the Internet after Memory Alpha (before Memory Alpha became a wiki, it was probably the top one). The site has posted numerous articles over the year and many of these have not been without controversy, but nether the less, they have always resulted in great heated debates which everyone in the trek community is used too!

So, on that note I’d like to thank Bernd for all his work on providing one of the best Trek resources on the internet for the last 10 years, as well as thank everyone who has helped out on that site (too many names to mention).

Heres to another 10 years! 🙂

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3 Responses to Ex-Astris-Scientia.org celebrates 10 years today

  1. evil_genius_180 says:

    That’s awesome. Congratulations to Bernd.

    I know I’ve been going there for years myself, possibly since about the time he moved it to its .com address. It’s always been my first stop for hardware references when I do ship in 3D, along with ship sizes and general information about various ships. One thing I like about EAS over Memory-Alpha is that you can look at an A-Z list of ships, so if you can’t remember a name, you can find it by its image. 🙂 I also love Bernd’s polls and some of his articles are really informative.

    I hope Bernd has another 10, 20, 30 years (whatever he can muster) because EAS is one awesome site. 😀

  2. freak89 says:

    Congratess to Bernd!

    Like many others I have used the site over the years.
    The articals have always been very good read. I have always loved the break down of the ships form Worf 359.
    Or the Artical on JJ Enterprise. Great little articals, that been very helpful.

    Look forward to seeing more, in the coming years.

  3. Thanks guys! And I really think I will continue for at least another ten years. Or as long as browsers will still be able to display HTML.

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