Hollow Saucer Ship Concept

I’ve always been inspired by John Eaves concept art for Star Trek and the first time I saw his hollow saucer concepts I was really intrigued. So, I thought what better test of this artpad I’ve borrowed than to have a go at drawing a ship concept. It’s pretty rough and ready, but it does look like its been drawn on paper I suppose! I was considering painting the ship as an oil painting instead, which you maybe able to tell by the shading.

As for the ship itself, I wanted to go for something in the light-medium cruiser size, I also wanted to break the smooth lines a little bit that a lot of Trek ships have, hence the more heavy detailing around the warp core area. I’m pretty happy with the basic shapes, I’ll probably expand upon and clean up the design at a later date, would love to hear peoples opinions on it.

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7 Responses to Hollow Saucer Ship Concept

  1. Terry says:

    I like this, you can see the influence of the Excelsior Class in the secondary hull, and I like the v split you have going on at the nacelle pylons.

  2. johneaves says:

    WOOOO that is smoking nice<<< I love that multi plained strut system you've got going, and the angled nacelles!!! Take it further,,,take it further!!!

  3. rowan says:

    Looks interesting, I like the hollow/ring saucer idea. The TNG Technical Manual said that the galaxy class had huge amounts of empty/non-habitable space inside the hull, for future expansions, I guess. This seems more efficient.

  4. Paul P. says:

    Hmm… Although it looks nice, the hollow saucer area would make more sense if there was a detachable module which could go into that space such as a large cargo container, a science module, dropship, assault weapons, etc. so that the ship class could be multi-mission capable. Instead of having a module stacked on top or on the bottom of the ship (for example, the Luna/Nebula class ships, or even the Kobayashi Maru), the module could go into that space in the saucer, under the bridge module.
    That way, the ship could be a transport vessel, a science vessel, or even an escort depending on the module used.
    So normally, without the module, the ship would have a small crew. With the added module, the ship’s complement would grow, and the added crew would be tailored to match the function of the module for that tour of duty.

  5. Onion says:

    That’s a very cool concept. A bit unnecessary, but cool!

  6. Tethyr808 says:

    You should consider submitting this to the Star Trek Online “Enterprise F” contest, if you haven’t already submitted one. Very nice!

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